Dinamizar, Transformar e Inovar


These are, nowadays, common words in the world.

Nevertheless, they match the great challenges of the future.

Such challenges face the economic and social agents with responsibilities in the decision making process. It is necessary, not only to search for new answers for current questions, but mostly, to anticipate relevant questions that future processes will bring.

GRUPO PLACE began with the establishment of PLACE – Planeamento e Consultoria Económica, Lda., which results from a joint decision of Technicians with broad experience and solid careers in areas such as development, economy, organization, human resources, training and society in general, to place their knowledge and experience at the service of economic agents, through a structured organization which gives answers beyond traditional concepts and approaches.

GRUPO PLACE, later joined by other Technicians from different knowledge areas, holds its own capacity for performing in several domains.

GRUPO PLACE is, not only a Group of Consultants, but rather an organization that, due to the dedication, experience, flexibility and professionalism of its Technical Board, combines knowledge and experience with an enormous capacity for investigation and reflection over transformation processes, guaranteeing to solve, with quality, creativity and competency, all issues that arise, always presenting practical e sustainable solutions!



GRUPO PLACE's mission is to contribute for the country's economic and social development, through the implementation of activities connected to Economic Planning and Consultancy, the Professional Training Cycle, Consultancy, Human Resources Management and Development and to Temporary Employment Supply and Training. All the activities the Group develops and aims to develop are consistent with the achievement of its purpose, which can be defined as the rendering of services in the consultancy and temporary employment areas, excelling in the quality, innovation and competence of the solutions presented to Clients.
We intend to develop an organizational culture to ensure that the services we provide, in the areas defined in our Vision, contribute, not only to satisfy our Client's immediate needs and expectations, but also to comprise a critical factor in the success of their strategic processes.

GRUPO PLACE intents to establish a differentiation, vis-à-vis its competitors, investing in an internal process of continuous improvement, which increasingly translates into the creation of effective added value for the Client.

Every day we work towards the success of our Organization, fulfilling its Ethical Code and dignifying its Accreditations and Certifications.

Customer focus
Everything we do is made bearing in mind our Clients, their needs and demands.

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